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The company

5T operates in Intelligent Trasport Systems and Infomobility.
Company shares are divided among GTT S.p.To (35%), the Regione Piemonte (30%), the City of Turin (30%) and the Provincia di Torino.

From the metropolitan area...
5T manages the Traffic Operation Centre in the metropolitan area of Torino, integrated with the Public Transport real-team Monitoring System (AVM), in order to get smoother traffic and to improve the performace of Public Transport. the regional dimension.
5T is one of the main actors in the Regional Infomobility Plan. Thanks to the past experience with the Traffic Operation Centre of the Winter Olympic Games in Torino 2006 (TOC), 5T is managing the extension of the traffic monitoring and information system to the whole regional territory; 5T is also coordinating the BIP project (Biglietto Integrato Piemonte) that will introduce a single contactless ticket for the purchase of any mobility service in Piemonte.

5T Objectives

5T designs, develops, implements and manages ITS solutions and infomobility services, aimed to achieve the following goals:

5T manages the followings systems:

Immagine delle centrale oprativa di 5t

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