Telematic Technologies for Transport and Traffic in Turin

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Urban traffic control

traffic-light and traffic control image The traffic light regulated intersections integrated in the 5T control system are 330.
Use of the 5T system has reduced waiting time at traffic-lights, trimming total trip time by 20%.
The 5T system also offers many advantages to public vehicles: thanks to the priority system, busses considerably reduce their travel times with a consequent increase in commercial speed.
Webcams, for real-time transmission of images to the 5T System Control Room and to the Turin Traffic Police operations center, have been installed at 20 intersections in the city, permitting constant monitoring of traffic conditions.

A leading innovation element is the "City Mobility Supervisor", a control and management system over the metropolitan and olimpyc traffic area. Besides providing near real-time traffic information and short and middle term forecast about traffic conditions, defines a general strategy to the other 5T subsystems.

ZTL (restricted traffic area) access control

access control image On behalf of the City of Torino 5T installed and manages the ZTL control center.
37 electronic gates control the main access points to the restricted traffic zone promoting around 50% reduction in traffic and better public transport regularity. 5T has also developed the online system for handling 8 retractable bollards in order to control vehicular access to the Roman ZTL and to some pedestrian areas in Torino.

Speed control

Speed control image On behalf of the City of Turin, 5T develops projects intended to reduce speeding, one of the main causes of accidents and deaths on the road.
In cooperation with the Municipal police, information and control systems are now being installed on the most important routes of the city to improve citizens' awareness of the impact of their behavior on the roads.

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