Use of cookies

In accordance with provision no.229 of 8th May 2014, “Identifying the simplified method for information and the acquisition of consensus for the use of cookies” on behalf of the Guarantor for the protection of personal data, we would like to inform you that the website uses cookies for the purpose of making the navigation of its website safe and efficient and does not allow the acquisition of personal data which identifies the user. By using the website, the user accepts and agrees to the use of cookies in conformity with the terms of use of cookies expressed in this document.

What are cookies?
Cookies are text files that contain information packages that are stored on your computer or mobile device every time you visit an online website via a browser. For every subsequent access, the browser will send these cookies to the website that generated them or to another website. Cookies allow websites to remember certain information to allow you to browse at a faster speed and in an easier way.

Cookies on 5T website
This website only uses technical and analytical cookies that can be used without asking for the user’s consent, because they are strictly necessary to explore the website and benefit from the services provided.  Here below are all the cookies that can be used on the Website, with a description of the purposes connected to their use.

Session or browsing cookies
These cookies are necessary for the correct functioning of certain parts of the website.  The cookies in this category include both persistent cookies and session cookies. In the absence of said cookies, the website or certain portions of it may not work appropriately.  Therefore, they are always used, irrespective of the user’s preferences. The cookies in this category are always sent by the 5T domain.

Technical cookies
These cookies are used to gather information pertaining to the use of the website. The Manager can use this information for statistical analyses, to improve the website and to simplify its use, in addition to monitoring its correct functioning. This type of cookies collects user activity information anonymously on the website and collects information about the way users reached the website and which pages were visited. The cookies in this category are sent by the Website itself or by third party domains. To this end, we’d like to remind you that this website is subject to statistical analysis via Google Analytics which uses analysis methods in line with the document pertaining to the General Google Privacy rules and the specific document on the use of information gathered with Google Analytics.

How to disable cookies
If you wish to block cookies, we’d like to inform you that this could have a negative impact on the usability of the website.  Most browsers allow you to reject/accept cookies. Here below is some practical information to disable cookies on the browser you are using:
Google Chrome
Microsoft Internet Explorer
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Mozilla Firefox