Social Media Policy

Who and where
5T uses Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube to communicate directly with users online, sharing information and communicating with them. The channels are managed by dedicated in-house staff. This document defines the guidelines (“netiquette”) for using the social channels. Said use complies with the law.

The active channels are used to provide users and the mobility and transport sectors with information on the 5T businesses and projects. The users can use these to send comments, requests, questions, complaints and suggestions. The staff reserves the right to share users’ posts to give visibility to initiatives that expand upon, research and bring to life the public debate on mobility, transports and intelligent transport systems (ITS-Intelligent Transport Systems). No advertising content will be shared. The channel uses its own texts, photography, infographics, videos and other multimedia materials which fall under Creative Commons license CC BY-ND 3.0: this means they can be used freely, even outside these channels, but they must always be accredited to the original channel on which they appeared.

User comments and posts represent the opinion of individuals and not those of 5T, which cannot be deemed responsible for the truthfulness or lack thereof of what is posted on third party pages. Third party posts and comments can be removed in accordance with specific moderation rules. The rules pertaining to the moderating process are outlined in the following paragraph.

Everyone has the right to speak up and express their own opinion. 5T invites all users to engage in a polite, pertinent and respectful conversation. 5T’s social channels to not foresee any preventive moderation. However, comments or posts which are deemed offensive or discriminatory towards other users or citizens present or absent in the conversation, towards bodies, associations, companies and those who manage and moderate the page, will be removed.  Insults, profanity, threats and slander towards one’s personal dignity, the rights of minorities and minors, the principles of freedom and equality will not be tolerated.

Furthermore, comments that are deemed off topic, comments or posts which disclose sensitive data in violation of the Privacy Law, repeated comments, flames or posts written to offend the managers and moderators of the social channels, comments containing advertisement, and spam will not be tolerated.

Users who repeated violate these conditions will be banned or blocked by the staff to prevent further messages or posts from being added and the staff reserves the right to notify the managers of the platform of these users and, in extreme circumstances and in the event of repeated or particularly serious violations, the relevant authorities.