Muoversi a Torino

5T and the City of Torino have launched “Muoversi a Torino”, the new and innovative city trip planner, created with the aim to facilitate mobility in an easier and accessible way in the urban and metropolitan area of Torino.

The service is available at, a mobile responsive website mainly for use by smartphones and tablets. The service provides real-time information on the various transport services in the area in order to meet the needs of all users. Moreover, Muoversi a Torino is the first service in Italy to allow users to view public transport buses circulating in real-time on their line of interest. The service provides multimodal and multi-operator solutions so the mobility of people with motor difficulties.

It was developed by 5T using open source technologies (OpenTripPlanner and OpenStreetMap) and is fueled by information collected and verified by the Infomobility and Mobility Center of the City of Torino, managed by 5T.