#Episode1 – The very beginnings


Do you remember “The Italian Job” film of 1969? It tells the adventures of a group of English thieves who, with the intent of scoring a robbery, run around the streets of a city, modifying the indications of the traffic lights to create chaos for escaping.

That city was Torino.

The director, Peter Collison, chose the city for several reasons, including the presence of a traffic computerized control centre.

Torino was already at the forefront in Europe.

In the 1980s, telematics applied to mobility and transport (now ITS – Intelligent Transport Systems) came in the market as a new technological application.

The Comune di Torino wants to test it with two projects: the SIS project which tests a monitoring and control system of public transport service network, managed by Azienda Torinese Mobilità (now GTT – Gruppo Torinese Trasporti S.p.A.); and the Torino project, applied on about 40 city crossings to test the benefits of traffic control to foster public transport performance, thanks to the traffic light priority.

The results of the trials are so promising to decide to look ahead.