MATO Live Bus, a new app to move in Torino

Credits: 5T Srl

The MATO Live Bus app is the new app of Muoversi a Torino, the infomobility service we manage for the Municipality of Torino: it is a new infomobility tool dedicated to those who move around the city exclusively with public transport services (bus, tram, metro and train).

The app joins the infomobility channels already active in the city and is characterized by its ability to integrate, in a single tool, the real-time information of GTT, Extra.To and SFM public transport services.

Among the main functions of the app, the possibility to choose geolocation, planning of “pre-trip” routes in real time, availability of bus arrival times at stops, information on accessibility of buses and stops for people with disabilities and last but not least, the real state of capacity of buses, a particularly useful information in this period of pandemic.

The app is based on open source technologies, such as OpenTripPlanner and OpenStreetMap, already widely consolidated in the web map of Muoversi a Torino (

With the Municipality of Turin, we have chosen this path to guarantee the flexibility and evolution of the tool: Muoversi a Torino was born with the spirit of integrating in a single map all the data on the mobility services in the city (not only public transport but also bike, car and ride sharing services) to guarantee its citizens the completeness of information and give them the opportunity to consciously choose how to move around Torino.

The app, active since June and which today has about 50,000 active users, does not stop there: with a view to continuous improvement, soon there will be new updates that will integrate an alert system to communicate disruptions in real time. In the future, other active mobility services will also be integrated to offer users an easy and accessible travel experience from a MaaS – Mobility as a Service perspective.

The app is available both in iOS version and in Android version.