Sustainable and Sharing Mobility

Tomorrow’s mobility starts now!
We envisage the future with a multi-modal mobility model (a “liquid” model) in which public transport and shared mobility apply an ideal linearity with planes, trains and ships, and in which the last mile is to be covered by bike or on foot, not by driving in one’s car, meaning that cars are no longer the only means used to move around.

“Car mobility” becomes “multi-modality” that is the chance to choose the most suitable means according to our needs, the distances we must cover and the potential transport solutions available to us.

Therefore, in our sustainable mobility projects, we facilitate connections between organisations, service suppliers and citizens, devising shared strategies and guaranteeing our Clients environmental, financial and economic sustainability of the projects at all times.

It is with this philosophy in mind that we support bodies and public and private companies in creating solutions for the inter-modal introduction, expansion and integration of shared mobility services, by offering: consultations, feasibility studies, financial assessments, programme documents, strategic and action plans, support in writing tenders, the analysis of technological solutions to promote sharing mobility and identify strategic mobility proposals which are sustainable in drafting PUMS.

We always support mobility managers with simple and immediate solutions, such as door-to-door mobility plannings for businesses and schools, drafting platform and specific training activities designed for sustainable mobility.