#Episode5 – The future of mobility

The future of mobility has arrived and thanks to our pioneering spirit, which has always distinguished our history, it has not found us unprepared.

In recent years we have dealt with cross-border issues, such as the digitization of mobility thanks to Mobility as a Service (MaaS) and the world of autonomous and connected driving, and we are working on important projects and initiatives, among the most ambitious in Italy.

The first is “BIPforMaaS”, the strategic project of the Piedmont Region, conceived in 2018, which aims to create the conditions for the diffusion of MaaS services in the urban and metropolitan area of Torino and throughout the region, starting from the BIP system. The second will be “MaaS4Italy” project of the City of Torino, financed by PNRR funds, which aims to create a top-level MaaS service through which citizens will be able to plan, book, purchase and access collective and shared mobility services, through an unique app. The objective will be to facilitate accessibility by citizens to the local mobility system and to make it permanent and fully operational.

The presence of an integrated and technologically advanced Mobility Center in Torino represented one of the strengths for identifying the city among the first in Italy to experiment with “Smart Road” systems and services, related to autonomous and connected driving. We are strongly involved in CTE Next which sees us as partners of City in all activities related to smart mobility but in particular to smart roads. And we will also support Torino in the development of a Living Lab across the territory focused on innovative solutions for cooperative, connected and autonomous mobility. Thanks to this initiative, the infrastructure of our infrastructure will undergo a major expansion of its technological components to enable cooperative functions between vehicles and infrastructures.

We are working for a smart, intelligent and digital mobility. But also, a more sustainable one.

Photo by Greg Rakozy on Unsplash