Since 2015, we have managed Piemonte’s Mobility Centre, one of the most advanced structures in Europe in terms of technology and organisational complexity.

The Centre was one of the first of its kind to extend traffic monitoring and supervision to an extended regional area, that is to over 34,000 kilometres of Piedmontese roads thanks to a network of approximately 80 fixed traffic flows sensors and the innovative Floating Car Data technology (FCD).

The data gathered is integrated and elaborated with traffic events such as weather conditions, closures, work roads, strikes, alerts provided by the local authorities with the aim of monitoring traffic in real time and providing information to drivers through the infomobility service Muoversi in Piemonte.

The Centre also provides support to the local authorities to plan traffic flow and transport services through the consultation and analysis of traffic data stored in dedicated databases.

Every year, together with Regione Piemonte (Regional Planning and Public Works, Regional Management, Soil Protection, Civil Protection, Transportation and Logistics unit), we publish the Report on Private Mobility in Piemonte (in Italian) with the aim of providing a general overview of Piedmontese private mobility.