Smart road in Torino are real!

The city will be the first in Italy to start experimenting with self-driving shuttles on the road, with the first tests in March and then with citizens involvement in May, providing DRT public transport services. The area interested by the pilot will be “Città della Salute” (hospitals area) for a distance of about 5 kilometers.

The experimentation will focus on level 4 of autonomous driving: this means that the shuttle is able to move in traffic without human intervention, but an operator will always be on board to manually manage emergencies. The shuttles will move in real city traffic and will be able to communicate with the infrastructure of our Mobility Centre, to prioritize traffic lights and real-time updates on traffic conditions.

The trial is realized in the framework of European project SHOW (SHared automation Operating models for Worldwide adoption) of which we are partners together with LINKS Foundation, GTT – Gruppo Torinese Trasporti S.p.A., SWARCO, Navya Group, Bestmile, Luxoft e TTS Italia e in cooperation with Reale Group, Reale Lab 1828 e Torino City Lab.

For more information on the Torino trial, click here.