The Mobility Centre of Torino is evolving

Together with the City of Torino, we continue to renewing and evolving the ITS systems of our Mobility Centre of Torino, we are managing for the city administration.

In the coming months, we will carry out some activities aimed at:

  • the renewal with a new generation of sensors of the traffic monitoring and monitoring network, which now it include more than 1000 stations across the entire urban area
  • the traffic light priority service will be extended to public transport on line 2 and line 8, managed by GTT – Gruppo Torinese Trasporti S.p.A., directly intervening on traffic light intersections along the routes
  • the strengthening of the cycling and pedestrian mobility monitoring network on approximately 15 city axes with new measuring stations
  • the development of multimodal mobility demand analysis tools that take into account not only travel by car, but also those made by public transport, bicycles and sharing mobility vehicles
  • a feasibility study for the creation of a management and support system for city Logistics for the Municipality of Torino

Thanks to this project, we will enhance the tools for collecting and integrating the mobility data of the Centre, improving on the one hand the performance of already existing services, such as the traffic light priority for public transport or infomobility services, and on the other hand increasing the assets of information on how mobility in the city is changing and to address interventions appropriate to the needs of citizens.