Traffic and mobility: are we in post-pandemic?

Credits: roberto bosi da Pixabay

Have we really entered a “post-pandemic” phase?

Based on the results of the survey of Legambiente’s Osservatorio sugli Stili di Mobilità (doc in Italian), let’s try to answer with some numbers on Turin’s mobility collected by the Mobility and Infomobility Centre of Torino managed by us.

We analyzed the data of traffic and of bicycles on the main cycle paths of Torino in September, chosen because it was comparable with 2019 and especially with 2020: in that period Piemonte was in the “zona gialla” (due to Covid restrictions) during which there was no curfew and movements were also allowed outside the region.

As regards the traffic, monitored by the sensors network of our Centre, the average flows in 2021 are 9% lower compared to 2019, and 7% lower compared to 2020.

Different numbers for cycling mobility: datas are available for 2020 and 2021. The tracks monitored are: Lungo Dora Siena, Corso Francia (North and South), Corso Castelfidardo, Via Bertola and Via Nizza. In 2020, the total passes recorded were 268.338 against 297.797 total passes in 2021 with a increase of 11% compared to the previous year.