Winners of Europe!

Credits: Socialist Photos (Opera propria, CC BY-SA 4.0)

We too want to celebrate the victory of our national team at the 2020 European Football Championship with a little curiosity.

We asked ourselves: how did Torino citizens celebrate the victory?

To answer, we observed the traffic flows of last Sunday July 11th 2021, measured by the sensors network of the Mobility and Infomobility Centre of Torino managed by us and compared with those of the previous Sunday (July 4th).

Traffic started to increase starting at 5pm, presumably with early returns to the city for the start of the game at 9pm. From that time on, traffic remains at very low and unusual levels for the typical Sunday trend up to 11pm within which the flows begin to increase significantly, reaching the peak at midnight, in correspondence with the victory on penalties of our national team: a growth of over 150% compared to a normal Sunday!

Average traffic flows in Torino

If we only observe the transits within the Limited Traffic Zone of Torino, which corresponds to the city center and where most of the celebrations were concentrated, the traffic levels remained very low from about 9pm, growing rapidly after midnight with a rate of 300% compared to the previous Sunday:

Limited Access Zone transits