Smart Road

Torino was one of the first cities in Italy to embrace the experimentation of autonomous and connected driving systems in an urban context.

The presence of an integrated and technologically-advanced Mobility Centre for the management of mobility is definitely an advantage in terms of starting up the strategic initiative “Torino Smart Road”, managed by the Municipality of Torino in collaboration with the automotive sector and ICT’s world of research and innovation.

We support the Municipality of Torino as technical consultants in research and experimentation activities regarding prototypes of autonomously-driven and connected cars and we are working to strengthen the ITS systems of our Mobility Centre to activate cooperative functions between cars and infrastructures (V2X – Vehicle to Infrastructure).

We are creating the Torino test site set forth in the national project “C-ROADS ITALY 2” thanks to which you can experiment highly innovative services that will facilitate information sharing in real time between the Mobility Centre and the cars connected on the road, to the benefit of higher road safety for all those moving around the city.

Thanks to this project, we will assess the performance and impact of the traffic flows of an experimental GLOSA service (Green Light Optimal Speed Advisory) and Smart Routing.  The former, to be applied at intersections, can inform vehicles of the speed that drivers should maintain in order to hit a green light at the following intersection; the latter allows the Centre to adopt strategies to direct traffic on alternative axes, providing real time information of events which may impact on traffic to the vehicle.