Muoversi a Torino is the new infomobility service of the City of Turin, available on

The new website, designed and managed by 5T, is entirely oriented to provide useful and updated information to move easily in Turin and in the metropolitan area. All the information are organized in sections, divided by transport modes (bus-tram-metro, train, bicycle and car) with a general introduction and useful links to find more details about public transport services, main railway stations and related services, parking system, bike and car sharing services and etc.

Muoversi a Torino also offers real-time services on map, with the aim of facilitating the city users moving around the city: with the traditional functionality of trip planner, there are new functions like "Near you" function which allows you to have immediately a look on all the transport services available around the user's location, while the "Follow the bus" function allows to find the exact position of buses or trams in service on the map.

The new website is also available in English, with the aim to satisfy the needs of foreign tourists, and is mobile responsive to be easily navigable even from mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones.