Traffic Operations Centre

The Traffic Operations Centre of the Piemonte Region, created and managed by 5T, is the operations centre for the real-time monitoring and supervision of traffic on over 34,000 kilometers of roads in Piemonte.

The main functions of the regional TOC consist of:

  • Monitoring traffic in real-time
  • Measurements of flow and speed made by 56 fixed stations for detecting traffic flows
  • Monitoring the transport of dangerous goods by means of 6 gates
  • Forecasts on traffic conditions in 1 hour

The data collected from the fixed stations and also through the innovative technology of the Floating Car Data (data from fleets of private vehicles in motion) are integrated and processed with traffic events such as the weather conditions, closures, construction sites, strikes, reports by law enforcement, etc., with the objective of monitoring traffic in real time and providing information to travelers through the traffic information service Muoversi in Piemonte.

The TOC also provides support to the local authorities for planning activities of road transport and through consultation and the analysis of traffic data history on specific databases.