Torino Tourist Buses

We have developed the e-commerce website, realized to purchase permits for tourist buses circulating within the new LTZ established by the City of Torino.

The site, on-line from March 5, 2015, aims to simplify the procedures for purchasing, issuing and modifying permits, as well as providing users with all the information on the new LTZ.

The portal of e-commerce for the purchase and issuance of permits is part of evolution of the City of Torino towards a smart city, characterized by digital and efficient services and processes for urban governance.

The new e-commerce website makes it possible to the city administration to manage the purchase, issuance and amendment of permits entirely and exclusively on-line, through two channels of electronic payment: credit card and MyBank, a service through which users can transfer money online using the home banking service of your bank.

The site is available in Italian and in English, the latter designed for foreign operators visiting Torino during major events to be held in 2015, such as the Exposition of the Holy Shroud and the event "Torino European Capital of Sport "