After more than a year of experimentation, 5T installed the internet-based IoT (Internet of Things) gateway in LoRaWAN in the framework of "The Things Network" worldwide initiative.

For Torino, this is the first device installed in a fixed manner, with industrial features and able to guarantee stability and high levels of service.

The Things Network is an initiative born in Amsterdam in 2015 with the idea of ​​creating a world-class, free and open world network. Start-ups, universities, businesses, individual citizens: everyone can benefit from it and everyone can contribute to the expansion of the network.

LoRaWAN technology allows you to connect cost-effective devices (remote controls, sensors, counters) with the ability to receive and transmit small amounts of data at distances in the order of miles without the use of Wi-Fi or mobile operators. Devices of this type have very low power consumption and can run in complete autonomy for years, without requiring maintenance or replacement of batteries.

The 5T's antenna is the first stable, professional, and highly reliable installation. The antenna is located in the center of Torino, and can count on the resilient 5T data center infrastructure, which includes redundant fiber optic connectivity and black-out power.

For mobility monitoring, 5T has hundreds of sensors and related devices distributed across the metropolitan and regional areas. The experimentation of new technologies and transmission solutions, such as LoRaWAN, enrich the 5T strategy in R&D with the aim of ensuring the connectivity needed to deliver the different services to the citizen that 5T manages on behalf of its members.