Piemonte Ticketing System

The Piedmont Integrated Ticket (so called Biglietto Integrato Piemonte or BIP) is the electronic ticketing system of the Piemonte Region that, thanks to a contactless smart card, allows access to any means of public transport (suitably equipped) in any area of the region.

The BIP replaces the traditional annual pass or paper ticket: it is possible to load onto the smart card all the travel documents of the services included in the network of regional mobility regardless of the route, the means or the transport company used, and to have access to the services of bike-sharing and car-sharing or to pay for parking.

In addition to having defined the architecture of the system and having coordinated technical activities, 5T also created and currently manages the BIP system's Regional Service Centre, which contains information relating to both the public transport service by the public transport companies (lines, routes, timetables, rides made, mileage, etc.) and the ticketing system (tickets, smart card accounts, documents sold, validations performed, load indices, black lists, etc.).