Torino Live Bus

Torino Live Bus is the first travellers information service in Italy based on instant messaging applications using open source libraries. The service provides users with real-time information on the arrivals at public transport stops in Torino, using mobile applications like Telegram.

TLB is simple, fast and personal. It provides information through common and well known chats, allowing users to ask for real-time arrivals just chatting it, without downloading dedicated apps. The service returns instant information, giving real-time previsions of the arrival of bus and tram at the required stop. With Telegram, TLB becomes even more personal and simple, suggesting each user his/her latest choices.

TLB completes the offer of information services on public transport available for citizens, commuters, travellers and tourists in Torino. The system, designed and managed by 5T using open source libraries, can be replicated in each city willing to integrate the instant messaging channel in its public services portfolio.